The pharmaceutical approach of Maqua Cosmetics
for sensitive skin
The pharmaceutical approach
of Maqua Cosmetics
for sensitive skin
Pelli sensibili

Sensitive and dehydrated skin occurs during certain times of the year or in particular situations due to specific conditions and/or medical treatments. Hydration is essential for a healthy, radiant and youthful skin. A well moisturized, soft and supple skin delays the formation of wrinkles and the premature signs of ageing. It is during the night that the regeneration process of facial skin cells takes place, therefore, a proper cleansing and moisturizing skincare routine is fundamental for this process to occur.

The double cleansing routine is made up of two steps: the first consists in using the Oil Gel on dry skin, which cleanses and moisturizes the skin, while nourishing it from deep within. The second phase consists in using the Facial Cleansing Mousse, which thoroughly purifies the skin by removing the make-up residues and dirt that the Oil Gel has naturally brought to the surface.
To maximize hydration, Maqua Cosmetics offers a combination of Moisturizing Cream and Golden Serum Eye Contour. The Moisturizing Cream helps to re-establish the skin's natural protective barrier, making it healthy, fresh and deeply moisturized. Hyaluronic Acid liposomes, in combination with Betaglucan, revitalize the epidermis, promoting its natural repair processes and improving the condition of damaged skin. The Golden Serum Eye Contour is a hydrogel based on cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (CrossHA). CrossHA molecules create a protective film on the eye contour, smoothing out expression lines and moisturizing the skin instantly.

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